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An essential fixture of every bathroom, the shower screen is no stranger to wear and tear! Being a component that we rely upon every day, it’s important to ensure that your screen is operating effortlessly as required for your daily routine.

Here are a few warning signs to look out for, so you know when it’s time to replace your shower screen.

Your Shower Screen No Longer Operates Correctly

Perhaps the most obvious indicator that it’s time to replace your shower screen, is when it requires strenuous effort to operate. Screen functionality is key for a smooth and enjoyable shower experience. We do use it everyday, afterall!

If you have a Sliding shower screen, it’s important to ensure that your screen glides smoothly along the track. Not only is a misaligned screen frustrating to use, it also poses a
safety hazard.

Alternatively, if your shower has a hinged shower screen installed – inspect your hinges regularly to ensure that the door closes completely. You want to guarantee that water is contained, and not escaping or leaking through the gaps.

If your shower screen’s performance is showing signs of deterioration, it’s definitely time to consider your options for replacement. We recommend our range of Essential, Signature, or Frameless screens for long-lasting, durable functionality that doesn’t sacrifice your bathroom’s aesthetics.

Your Bathroom Needs a Makeover

No one likes an outdated bathroom! The truth is that your shower screen actually plays a big role in tying together the design of your space – if you’re planning for an upgrade soon, don’t forget your shower screens as a key style element.

At Bradnam’s, we offer timeless designs, so that you can rest assured knowing that your shower screen will never go out of fashion. Our sleek aluminium frames are available in several colours and configurations, along with several glass treatments, to suit your home’s design for years to come!

You’re Having Difficulty Cleaning Your Shower Screen

Hard water and soap stains on your shower screen are common challenges for homeowners. Even worse is that over time, these imperfections can become stubborn and difficult to stay on top of – becoming a permanent eyesore in your bathroom.

Harsh chemicals often used to treat dirty screens can often damage the glass, leaving the most viable option to replace it altogether.

Luckily, Bradnam’s high-quality and durable Signature Shower Screens are made from safety glass that’s glazed to reduce mould and mildew – so you can have confidence that your replacement is made to last.

There’s Visible Damage

It’s crucial to remain on the lookout for visible damage to your shower screen at all times, for the sake of your household’s safety.

Some indicators of damage include:

● Cracks and chips in the glass
● Mould
● Rust & Corrosion
● Water Leaks & Damage

Regularly inspecting your shower screen for these issues will ensure a safe and relaxing shower experience. If any of these signs are present, prompt action should be taken

Do any of these Issues Ring a Bell?

If they do, it’s time to have a chat with your nearest Bradnam’s team, so that we can find you a replacement that is suited perfectly to your lifestyle and space! You can find us today here.

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