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Selecting your shower screens is far from a mundane decision! Bathrooms are one of the most important parts of the home, and no detail should be spared.

If you’re looking for easy ways to spice up your bathroom design, look no further than Bradnam’s extensive range of customisable shower screens. Here are a few of our favourite ways to enhance your space!

All Black Frames

Sleek, sophisticated, and timeless – all black framing for your shower screens is a trend that will never die. Thanks to our decorative colour range here at Bradnam’s, incorporating this impactful statement piece into your bathroom has never been easier.

Opt for our signature Black Frames, and watch your shower transform from a simple necessity to a lavish design element that completes your bathroom’s look.

Floor to Ceiling Frameless Screens

Frameless Shower Screens are a simple way to create an elegant and serene environment in your bathroom, without breaking the bank.

Crafted with 10mm safety glass for superior strength, these screens are equally durable and gorgeous – adding a touch of quiet luxury to any contemporary home.

Bradnam’s Frameless Screens are also fitted with discrete handles and chrome hardware to further elevate your opulent space.

Satinlite Glass

Doubling as an extra layer of privacy – Satinlite Shower Screens bring an additional texture and an element of customisation to your bathroom.

Bradnam’s Satinlite Glass can be used on select panes to ensure complete privacy, while still allowing for ample natural light to flood your shower. When paired with our decorative frame colours, you can elevate your bathroom design with ease.

Sliding Screens

For a space saving, modern and effortless option – A Sliding Shower Screen is not only practical, it’s also chic!

Bradnam’s range features four configurations for sliding screens, which include high-performance, adjustable rollers for seamless operation. Our customisable configurations further allow for you to have control over how many panels you want to be fixed, and how many you want to slide, to suit your individual needs.

Hinged/Pivot Screens

Alternatively, if you have more space to spare, our range of Hinged and Pivot Shower Screens at Bradnam’s offer a solution no matter your layout! Whether you’re working with a spacious ensuite or a family-focused bathroom fitted with a shower/bathtub combination, our versatile design can be crafted to suit your unique needs.

Finding the Right Shower Screen for You

Selecting a shower screen can be far more complicated than you may initially think! We recommend seeing your options up close and personal, so that you can visualise our diverse options within your personal space. You can book an appointment with your local Bradnam’s Showroom here today.

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