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5 Reasons to Invest in Bradnam’s Security Screens

Security Screens – they’re a must-have addition to your home’s windows and doors for so many reasons!

At Bradnam’s, we offer a variety of screens for each of our windows and doors for added security to protect your home and your loved ones. If peace of mind is a priority, our Security Screens are guaranteed to deliver long-lasting and trusted results. Here’s five reasons why Bradnam’s Security Screens are an investment that’s worthwhile.

1. Superior Protection

Perhaps the most obvious of reasons to install Security Screens throughout your home, is to ensure that you’re safe and secure. Bradnam’s offers superior protection
for your windows and doors with our durable and high-performance Security Screens.

Tried and tested against knives, forcible impact, jemmying, and other threats – you can sleep sound knowing that Bradnam’s expertly-designed Security Screens are keeping yourself and your family safe. Better yet, you also have the option to include our advanced triple locking system on your doors, which offers enhanced protection against unwanted intruders.

2. Keep Insects Out

As an Australian owned and operated business, we know how important it is to keep creepy crawlies outside where they belong! Eliminate pesky bugs from the home with the simple inclusion of Security Screens.

Bradnam’s screens are crafted with high-quality materials to ensure long-standing resilience and reliability, so that they don’t wear and tear as easily over time.

3. Extra Points for Style

As always when selecting a Bradnam’s product, you can be confident that you aren’t sacrificing style for functionality. Bradnam’s Security Screens are available in two
mesh options, Stainless View and Ali View, both of which are renowned for their modern and sleek design.

Specifically created to match our extensive range, they make the perfect fit for your Bradnam’s Windows and Doors. You can even match the colour of your screen frame for a seamless design throughout the home.

4. Innovative Design

Both Stainless Steel and Ali View screens are manufactured without traditional mechanical fixings – meaning that there is zero contact between the mesh and
aluminium frame.

The result? A significantly reduced chance of galvanic corrosion between different types of metal – and a prolonged lifespan for your Security Screens.

5. Plentiful Airflow Year-Round

One of the most beneficial features of a high-quality screen is the ability to enjoy constant air-flow regardless of the time of year. Bradnam’s Security Screens allows you to enjoy fresh air without compromising on practicality or safety.

Ready to Make the Investment?

It’s certainly worthwhile! For unrivalled protection against unwanted guests that is still stylish, practical, and easy to maintain – Bradnam’s Security Screens are the obvious choice.

Get in touch with your nearest team for a free quote today.

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