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Selecting the colour scheme for your home is one of the most exciting decisions you make during the building or renovation process. But, it can also be one of the most stressful!

Choosing the right colour for your doors and windows can ultimately make or break your home’s design. Whether you’re looking for a harmonious facade or a bold statement piece, there’s more to this decision than just selecting the colour of your frames – you also need to consider your glass and hardware.

Luckily, at Bradnam’s, our products’ colour palettes are completely customisable, so you can let your creativity run wild.


Picking the perfect hues for your door and window frames may not be as straightforward of a choice as you would think – and it’s a crucial one!

You may choose to have frame colours that blend seamlessly with your home’s exterior and interior walls. Or, perhaps you’re looking to integrate a pop of personality with an accent colour.

Bradnam’s aluminium door and window frames come in a spectrum of shades, including silver, beige, white, cream, and matte black. In addition to this standard colour palette, we also offer several decorative powder coat colours. Mix, match, coordinate, or contrast – the choice is yours!

And, for a truly custom finish, you can also explore beyond the standard palette. Bradnam’s can also paint special powder coat colours to match your exact chosen specifications. This option is the go-to if you’re after complete control over your home’s colour selections – making every detail uniquely yours.


When it comes to choosing the colour of the glass, the decision extends beyond matching or contrasting with your door frames – it’s about setting the tone for your entire home.

Consider this: what do you want your door and window glass to accomplish? Are you chasing crystal-clear views, soft, natural light, or complete privacy?

The answer to this question will likely vary from room to room. However, whatever the answer is, it will influence your coloured glass selections.

We like to think of the glass colours offered at Bradnam’s as a spectrum. If you’re aiming to diffuse the light entering your home, white translucent laminates are a great option, especially if you’re after extra privacy in your bathroom and bedroom areas.

Similarly, spotswood, satinlite, or acid etched glass can soften incoming light and offer privacy. These glass colours are subdued and rather versatile, allowing them to be matched with almost any colour scheme in any room of your home.

At the opposite end of the glass spectrum is extra clear glass, which removes any green tint, and offers a view that reflects true colours inside and out. This selection is perfect for open-plan kitchens, spacious living areas, and indoor-outdoor spaces.

Want to make a statement? Tinted or toned glass, which is somewhere in the spectrum between clear glass and white translucent or acid washes. With the choice of several shades, including grey, dark grey, blue, and green, you can choose the option that best compliments your home.


Don’t underestimate the impact of your window and door hardware on your home’s aesthetic! It’s a subtle feature that can be easily overlooked, but it holds immense power in those all-important finishing touches.

Aside from Fixed Windows (which cannot be opened), all windows and doors come with hardware that is used to operate them.

At Bradnam’s, our window hardware comes in shades of white, black, and silver. This range includes both matte and gloss black – a striking colour that is often chosen as a stand-out feature in modern homes.

Similarly, our door hardware is available in whites, blacks, and silvers, as well as stainless steel for select designs. This last option can blend into several aesthetics, including both industrial and natural.

So, when fine-tuning the details of your home, remember that choosing the right hardware colour is key to creating harmony in your style!


At Bradnam’s we know that every hoe’s colour scheme should be uniquely suited to its owner’s preferences and choices.

We also believe that your windows and doors should play their part in achieving your desired colour schemes.That’s why we offer such an extensive range of colours for windows and doors – so you can select the ideal options for your home.

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Selecting Windows & Doors

Product Selection Guideline

The perfect windows and doors can lift a space from ordinary, to extraordinary. But choosing the right ones for your home or project can be a challenge – especially if you’re new to the process. That’s why we’ve put together this selection guideline.

Written as a simple, easy-to-understand reference, this guide will help you better understand your requirements, ask the right questions, and find the best windows and doors for your project, including external sliding doors.

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