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The entrance door is one of the most poignant features of the home – setting the tone for what’s to come in your interior design. First impressions are important, so finding the perfect door is not a decision to take lightly!

Aluminium and Timber front doors are the most common of selections across Australia – and though both have their pros and cons, there’s a clear winner in our eyes. Read on to learn more about how our brand new Signature Aluminium Entrance Door weighs up against the classic Timber door.


One of the most important things to consider when selecting your entrance door, is the amount of time and money you’ll need to invest in maintaining it!

Aluminium front doors require little to no maintenance, thanks to their robust design. The durability of aluminium means that you can enjoy a long-lasting solution that doesn’t rot, delaminate, warp, or bow throughout the years.

Timber front doors, on the other hand, require meticulous care in order to extend the lifespan of the wood. Frequent re-varnishing or painting is required to preserve the original colour and finish of the natural materials.

For an effortless solution – Aluminium Entrance Doors take the advantage!


Timber front doors are known for their classic and traditional style, which adds a charming element to the home. But, If you’re chasing a modern and sleek facade – aluminium entrance doors are a non-negotiable addition.

Bradnam’s Signature Entrance Door is available in several standard and decorative colours that don’t discolour, rust, or peel the same way that timber doors do. What’s more, is that you are also able to select our Timber-Look Powder Coat Colours – which give the classic look, without all the maintenance!

Available in a range of single and double sash configurations, this selection instantly transforms your front yard into a grand entryway that will leave all of your
neighbours envious.

Better yet, your Signature Entrance Door’s design can be elevated even further with the addition of glass panels that allow natural light to flood through your foyer. Add finishing touches with our wide range of hardware options, and you have a curated front door customised to your liking!


Both aluminium and wooden doors are long-lasting if installed and maintained correctly. However, Aluminium is superior in remaining resistant to the elements –
rain, shine, and even cyclones.


When drafting up your budget for your new build or renovation, door selections can often cause a roadblock. As our Signature Entrance Aluminium doors are far more cost-effective to maintain than timber doors, they are definitely worth the investment!

Our pick – Aluminium Entrance Doors!

While Aluminium and Timber doors both have their merits – we find that an increasing amount of customers are coming to us for our new Aluminium Signature Entrance Door thanks to its high durability, low maintenance, and modern aesthetic. If you’re looking to give your entryway the ultimate makeover, get into contact with your nearest Bradnam’s showroom today!

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