Performance of Windows and Doors

You may have performance requirements for the windows and doors throughout your home that affect the types and glazing you choose.

Energy Efficiency

Windows and doors can account for half of your home’s heat gain during summer and half of your heat loss during winter.

Energy efficient windows and doors can help maintain comfortable temperatures in your home all year round. So choosing the correct windows and doors can have a real effect on your power bills.

Your windows’ and doors’ design, glass type, and seals all work together to determine how energy efficient they are.

Toned glass, low-e glass, double-glazing, and thermal breaks are all energy-efficient features worth considering.

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Window-related accidents and security risks can be a major source of concern, especially if you have small children.

Consider choosing added safety features for your windows and doors, including locking handles, security screens, and safety glass options such as toughened and laminated glass.


Do you live in a busy area?

To reduce the level of neighbourhood traffic, and building noise entering your home, consider windows and doors that are specifically designed for improved acoustic performance.

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