Functions of Windows and Doors

Windows and doors in different rooms may be required to fulfil different functions. This is important to consider when selecting the right windows and doors for your home.


Natural light from doors and windows can have a significant impact on your home’s liveability.

Consider strategically placing doors and windows to allow natural light to flow into your home throughout the day.


It’s hard to get comfortable when you’re too hot or too cold.

Choosing windows and doors with the right placement, size, configuration, and opening can significantly affect the airflow through your home, which in turn keeps temperatures comfortable.

Find the right windows for ventilation.


Being able to see out through windows and doors is important – especially if you have picturesque views you want to showcase and enjoy.

High-performance windows and doors allow larger glazing areas, maximising views (and natural light) throughout your home.


If privacy is a concern, look for glazing options such as tinted and obscure glass, which let light in but maintain your privacy.

You can also consider placing small windows high in the wall as an effective way to obtain privacy without sacrificing light or ventilation, especially in bathrooms.


Windows and doors also need to be selected to “work” with other components of your home.

For example, sliding windows may be easier to operate above a kitchen bench, whereas awning or double-hung windows may be more challenging to reach in this situation. It’s also important to consider your furnishings and the surrounding area when deciding the configurations for your doors.

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