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When designing a home, window placement will be one of the most important decisions that you’ll make! While your architect will provide guidance towards style and positioning, it is vital to have a deeper understanding of the importance of ventilation, and how this differs throughout the home. All things considered, here’s Bradnam’s rundown of some of the many questions that arise regarding windows and ventilation.


Poor ventilation can not only lead to pollution, odour, low levels of oxygen, and a buildup of carbon dioxide in the home, but can also pose a serious health risk if not quickly resolved.

A lack of consistent ventilation will eventually result in increased condensation and mould growth, which could lead to health conditions such as eczema, asthma, and damage to the nervous system.

Not only will this result in personal risk, but inadequate ventilation can potentially cause damage to your home. Prolonged humidity and excessive moisture can ruin insulation, damage paint and wallpaper, or even lead to wood rot.

And, unfortunately, most efforts to resolve this issue, such as a dehumidifier, air conditioning, or an industrial-sized exhaust fan, can often cause immense energy consumption and thus result in a hefty electricity bill.


Increased efforts of ventilation, particularly in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, are a necessity in a modern home.

For most, this would look like ventilation fans, ceiling fans, and of course, doors and windows, that work to reduce the quantity of stagnant air during periods of increased humidity and smoke.


The best part about having strategically placed windows is the free natural ventilation!

The most efficient and effective way to improve house ventilation is to allow for unrestricted breeze paths that are placed according to climatic conditions, landscape, and location.

Consider the time of day when stronger and cool breezes are more likely to occur within the home when planning window and entryway placement, to assure that you will be funnelling air consistently throughout each room, while also redirecting strong winds.

Air pressure is yet another factor that plays a vital role in a home’s ventilation, with windows positioned at adjacent or opposite sides of a room drawing in stronger airflow, resulting in cross-ventilation.

With this in mind, it’s important to conduct research into your home specifically, so that you can achieve your desired airflow, temperature, and cross breeze throughout each room.


The specific choice of window that is best suited for house ventilation is dependent on your desires, needs, and the room itself! Here’s some information to get you on the right path:

Sliding Windows

If you’re limited in space in indoor or outdoor areas, Sliding Windows are a fantastic solution. Between one-third to two-third of the window can be opened for ventilation. They are versatile, classic, and can easily be fitted for insect and security screens and locks.

Awning Windows

Much like Sliding Windows, Awning Windows work well in smaller spaces. If you’re looking to choose a solution to a room that needs less ventilation than most, Awnings are the answer!

These windows can remain open during periods of wet weather, offering natural ventilation year-round while providing opportunities for added security and insect screens.

Bradnam’s have also recently launched our latest innovation, the Gas Strut Awning Window, which opens to 89 degrees and provides plentiful ventilation and in kitchen and dining areas, in

Double Hung Windows

If complete control over ventilation is a top priority for your home, Double-Hung Windows will become your go-to. Invite natural airflow through the top of the window, the bottom, or both, by moving the window sashes as desired.

Just like the previous two, security or insect screens can easily be installed onto Double Hung Windows, and they are a great solution for restricted spaces. (However, it’s worth noting that this makes them difficult to clean, some types of screens cannot be removed.)

Casement Windows

Casement Windows allow for ultimate ventilation, as well as complete control over the ventilation you’re letting into the home.

Although recommended by the Australian Government, these traditional windows are infamously difficult to screen. However, Bradnam’s now offers a screenable product, the Signature Lockbar Casement Window, that provides a modern, secure, and protected finish for this timeless choice.

Louvre Windows

Also endorsed by the Australian Government, Louvre Windows encourage immense airflow, whilst providing control and diversion of harsh winds.

With the ability to open out to as much as 95%, Louvre Windows are ideal for encouraging ventilation in your home. Their variable opening angles also allow you to control and direct this ventilation as desired and required.

Importantly, while second-storey Louvre Windows have restricted openings for safety (much like most other types of windows), they still invite plenty of ventilation into your home.

Fixed Windows

While they’re ideal for light, views, and architectural accents, due to their nature, Fixed Windows do not contribute to natural ventilation in your home.


Choosing windows is a task that should be done in collaboration with your architect or builder, or with one of our consultants.

Now that you know about different windows and their ventilation potential, we hope you’ll be able to make better-informed choices!

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