Design of Windows and Doors

All homes have a design that makes them unique. Whether your home’s style is contemporary or traditional, it’s essential that you choose windows and doors to match.

Windows and doors affect not only the exterior of your home but also the feel and charm of the interior.

Floor-to-ceiling glass, for example, can form a striking feature in a contemporary home, but in an un-renovated “Old Queenslander”, would look out of place.

When selecting windows and doors, it’s essential to consider all of the factors that will affect a home’s design and visual appearance.


Do you want the slimline look of standard windows and doors?

Or do you prefer the chunkier profile of architectural products?

Standard products typically have a 50mm frame, compared to the 100mm frame of architectural products. Choose the product and profile that will best suit your home, context, and preferences.

Frame, Glass & Hardware Colour

Do you want your window and door frames to be a feature?

Or do you prefer frames that blend in with the surrounding wall space, both interior and exterior?

What about the colour of your glass and hardware? Should they be in harmony with the frame or provide contrast?

You don’t just want to coordinate your windows and doors with your home’s architectural style. You may also want to match or coordinate your frame and glass colours with your roof, walls, and maybe even your driveway.

Learn more about colour selection for windows and doors here.

Sizes & Configurations

The proportions of windows and doors are an essential design element.

By using different configurations, you can turn a dull room into one that captures artistic imagination.

Installing large windows in small rooms can make them look bigger. Similarly, wide, expansive doors can open up a room and create a seamless transition from the inside to the outside.

Orientation & Placement

The right orientation and placement of windows and doors can significantly improve the comfort of your home.

Orientation and placement affect everything from natural light and views to ventilation and temperature.

You can also make a design statement by placing windows and doors in areas where you would typically find a wall.