Inside Out: Making the Most of the Aussie Summer Lifestyle

Close your eyes for a moment, and picture your perfect Aussie summer.

It’s a good bet that enjoying a cold stubbie around the barbie, an afternoon in the pool, a backyard cricket game, or even an early morning cuppa in the fresh air featured in your summer dream, right?

After all, we all know there’s nothing more Australian than spending time in the great outdoors – especially in your own backyard.

But is your house built to make the most of the ubiquitous Aussie outdoor summer lifestyle?

Hot Property

Thanks to our outdoor culture, homes that seamlessly connect inside and out are hot property in Australia.

It’s all about blurring the lines between your home, and your deck, patio, or backyard to create a holistic entertaining experience.

And not only does this raise the value of your home, it also creates a great lifestyle feature you can enjoy with friends and family year in, year out (or year-round, if you’re far enough north!).

Creating a Seamless Link

At Bradnam’s, our Australian designed and manufactured windows and doors have been built with the Aussie lifestyle firmly in mind.

Our sliding doors and bi-fold doors seamlessly link the inside of your home with the outside for the perfect summer entertainment experience (e.g. see images 1 and 2).

Several design features in particular make these doors specially suited to facilitating inside out entertainment that’s sure to be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Special Features

Openness is one of the defining characteristics of quality indoor-outdoor entertaining.

Bradnam’s sliding doors and bi-fold doors maximise your open space by providing bigger openings than most standard doors (e.g. see images 3 and 4). In fact, if you choose the cavity sliding door option, when open, your doors will nestle inside your home’s wall to remove any barriers between inside and out (e.g. see images 5 and 6).

For safety and seamlessness, our bi-fold doors and sliding doors also have low profile sills, ensuring an uninterrupted connection between inside and out – and removing any potential tripping (and stubbed toe) hazards. Both offer corner configurations to ensure you can maximise openness without being constrained by a single available wall space (e.g. see images 7 and 8).

And, to top it all off, although they’re big, they still operate and manoeuvre smoothly and easily.

The Right Products

So there you have it: if you want to link the inside of your home with your deck, patio, or backyard, our sliding doors and bi-fold doors are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

You can check out these products here:

(To see examples of homes featuring these products, you can also visit our Showcase pages).