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Selecting your Hardware and Glass for your Sliding Doors

A staple piece for patio, dining, and living spaces alike – Aluminium Sliding Doors are the perfect solution for any Australian home.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting your Aluminium Sliding Door’s hardware and colour scheme, but this decision is not one to be overlooked! We can customise our Aluminium Sliding Doors to satisfy any vision – here is our guide so that you can skip the umm-ing and ah-ing.

How to Pick your Hardware


Of course, the style of your space is a major deciding factor. Consider your home’s primary and secondary colour scheme, and whether you’d like to match, or perhaps create a statement with a different tone. Bradnam’s standard Sliding Door handles are available in black, white, and grey; while our Architectural handle is available exclusively with a stainless steel finish.

To make this decision easier, be sure to get in contact with your local Bradnam’s branch to consult the experts.

Style vs Functionality

Functionality is always the #1 priority! Our Aluminium Sliding Doors come in three different handle styles, each ergonomic and easy to operate. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that no matter your selection, your home will be accessible with a stylish handle to boot.


Rest assured, we never sacrifice your security with our fitted Sliding Door Mortice locks! For extra measure, all Bradnam’s Sliding Doors include a Night Latch, so that you can lock the door from inside without a key when needed.

Why not upgrade to ey your door alike to your other Bradnam’s products? This simple addition makes keeping your home safe a breeze, without the need for countless keys that can be easily misplaced.


Let’s Talk Glass Colour

The next big question – which glass is best suited to your needs? There are various degrees of tinting, which can be a design element in its own right.

At Bradnam’s, we have two different glass options for our aluminium sliding doors…

Clear Glass

With no obscurity, clear glass allows complete visibility, optimised natural light, and stunning unobstructed views of your outdoor area. Although limiting privacy, Bradnam’s Security Screens can be easily paired with our Aluminium Sliding Doors to create a versatile and secure solution within the home.

Tinted Glass

The best of both worlds, tinted glass provides an element of privacy, whilst also allowing control over the degree of natural light you’d like to pass through.

Between our grey, green, and blue tints, this energy efficient option allows for further creative freedom and solves the need for constantly drawing the curtains.

Which Sliding Door is For Me?

When it comes to customising your Bradnam’s Sliding Door, the opportunities are near endless! We understand that with great power comes great responsibility, so if you’re looking to consult the experts about your sliding door hardware and glass selection, get in touch today!

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