Bradnam's Windows & Doors showroom employees



For customers in Metropolitan Melbourne


5th August 2020

We wish to advise that due to Stage 4 restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne, our showrooms will close on Wednesday 5th August until Thursday 17th September.

Video appointments are still available. We can guide you through a virtual tour of our showroom during the appointment, all from the comfort of your living room. To book a video appointment, please call 03 8795 9666 or send an email to

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind Regards

Adam Tuppenney

Victoria General Manager

Staff Notice

For Bradnam’s Windows & Doors employees only

27th March 2020

To you, our valued employee

You would have to be living in a hole not to realise the tremendous impact the Coronavirus is having throughout the world. Many governments have ordered restrictions of varying types to contain the virus, including our Federal Government.

The situation we face is as about as complex as it can get, and is a very confusing time for all of us.

Many weeks ago I joined with a team of our most senior people to try and take the confusion out of the possibility of a shut-down in Australia, where businesses like ours have to close the doors and not do any work for a period of time.

The vast majority of you would have had tool-box meetings that help explain the these two documents (COVID-19 Financial Support Guide and Explaining Impact of a Shutdown). This post is to ensure that everybody in the Group has been communicated to. If a shut-down does occur, please come to this page or one of the following pages for the latest company updates: or

I urge you to ask as many questions of your manager as required to make you as comfortable as possible about a potential shut-down.

Bill and Jan built this business on two driving factors – passion for the business and passion for their people. I have spoken to both Bill and Jan several times; they will do whatever it takes to get the business through this difficult time.

For you personally, everybody copes differently in really stressful times. Not everybody copes well or has someone to talk to. The Group has an employee access programme (EAP) and has so for well over a decade. If you make contact with an EAP employee, everything you discuss is confidential; nobody is privy to even knowing you have made contact.

If you are at all anxious, a call is nothing to be concerned about; I recommend you do so.

The flyer for this access programme can be downloaded here.

A very old proverb states “this too shall pass”. A vaccine will be released in 2021. All advanced countries, of which we are one, have collectively committed trillions of dollars to help repair economies, this money will make a real difference in the next twelve months.

It may be that in three to five years’ time, we are not talking about this pandemic and that many countries have recovered and optimism fills the air.

For now, stay safe and keep talking to your manager should you not be sure of the road ahead.

Kind Regards
Jason Drewe

Customer Notice

For customers, contractors and partners.

20th March 2020

Bradnam’s Windows & Doors priority is the safety of its employees, customers, contractors and partners.

In following guidance from the Australian Department of Health, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and our own medical experts, a number of ways we operate and make contact with people changes until further advice is received.

  • All visitors must not enter a Bradnam’s Windows & Doors site should they display symptoms of COVID-19, indicated with signage at the front gate or door. Couriers will be asked to leave documents in a tray at the front gate or door.
  • For our customers, sales representatives will only visit your premises on request for business critical requirements. A Dual Declaration Form (download form) must be completed to the satisfaction of both parties.
  • Bradnam’s has a diversified, and where possible multi-sourced supply chain. We have been working diligently with our supply partners to ensure continuity of supply, which includes utilising air freight where it is required and possible to arrange. At this point in time we do not foresee any major disruptions to customer deliveries.
  • For any of our employees or contractors that install product into buildings, this will only occur upon the successful completion of the aforementioned dual declaration form.
  • Only business critical travel (air or vehicle) to destinations where hotels meet the COVID-19 hygiene requirements is now allowed.
  • Bradnam’s office staff have or are breaking out to different sites and / or isolating themselves at home should they be business critical. I would reassure all visitors and customers our employees understand the practice of good hygiene including social distancing and regular hand washing with soap.
  • Bradnam’s has the capacity to host meetings using Microsoft teams, and has a hotair conferencing facility to allow phone meetings. Meeting are now restricted internally.
  • Employees who have travelled internationally self-isolate for 14 days per WHO and Department of Health guidelines
  • Tool-box and safety meetings in offices and factories occur with high frequency, where individuals are asked to nominate in private at meeting’s end if they are concerned with their health. Medical advice may then direct the person to stay at home and not return to work until a medical clearance is obtained.

The Bradnam Group has to date had four people test for COVID-19, all tests returned negative, those employees are back at work.

A Business Continuity team meets every forty-eight hours to drive WHO and Australian Department of Health guidelines, with all sales and manufacturing sites updated thereafter.

Being part of a community that strictly adheres to the rules and guidelines, we look forward to the Nation moving past this difficult time.

Kind Regards
Jason Drewe CEO