Double Glazed

Double Glazed products are designed to reduce the amount of warmth lost during winter and prevent unwanted heat gain during summer – helping homes stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

They consist of two panes of glass bonded together by a spacer and separated by a hermetically sealed argon gas filled space. The air gap acts as a thermal barrier between the inner and outer pieces of glass, creating an effective insulation system.

Bradnam’s double glazed products feature a warm edge spacer made of an extruded, thermoset polymer structural silicone foam which delivers exceptional thermal performance, argon gas retention and long-term durability.

Double Glazed products are available in different glazing options.

double glazed windows doors


Minimise condensation on Glass
Bradnam’s double glazed products can help reduce the incidence of condensation on the glass of windows and doors during winter.

The hermetically sealed argon gas filled space and the warm edge spacer act as thermal barriers. They keep the surface of the interior piece of glass similar to the room temperature. This reduces the incidence of moist air inside the house meeting cooler surface of glass, which facilitates condensation.

Compared to ordinary windows and doors, Double Glazed products can reduce:

  • up to 23% in energy costs
  • the amount of condensation on glass during winter

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