Experience ‘BEST IN CLASS‘ energy performance

Our Signature range of premium windows and doors has just been extended to include a new technically advanced Thermal Break system. Featuring world-class technology to enhance the benefits of double glazing, the Signature Thermal Break range provides superior thermal performance without compromising flexibility and practical design convenience.

All thermal breaks in the Signature Thermal Break range are made from high-quality reinforced polyamide extrusions. These ‘thermal breaks’ are designed to interrupt the transfer of energy through metal and keep the inner sections of a window or door frame thermally isolated from the external framing components.

Combined with our framing and performance glazing system, the Signature Thermal Break products are achieving industry leading energy efficiency performance; with the capability of achieving a u-value as low as 1.8.

There is no compromise to the aesthetics, to the refined finish of windows or doors in any way; the new Thermal break series is designed to visually integrate with all windows and doors from the Signature range.

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