White Corner Bi fold Doors in a kitchen
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Windows and doors come in all shapes and sizes. Coincidentally, shape and size happen to be two of the reasons our premium windows and doors are such a favourite with builders, architects, and homeowners. And that’s still only the tip of the iceberg…


Thanks to their design, our signature range are available in bigger sizes than most windows and doors you’ll find on the market.

In other words, when size does matter, we’ve got you covered. Ideal for designer homes and properties with breathtaking aspects, the Signature range’s bigger openings offer improved ventilation and maximum natural lighting.

They also provide the opportunity to showcase stunning views in full, rather than breaking them up with multiple frames.


Shape-wise, the Signature range offers a greater number of architectural configurations than is ordinarily available.

Particularly popular specialist configurations include our corner sliding doors, cavity sliding doors, and corner bi fold doors. Perfect for indoor-outdoor entertaining spaces and maximum ventilation, these three favourites allow you to blur the line between inside and out while maximising your available open space.


Of course, not every project needs to overcome configuration challenges. Nor does every home need bigger windows and doors throughout the entire property.

That’s why our premium windows and doors have been specially developed to blend both aesthetically and seamlessly with our Essential range. This architectural symmetry allows you to mix and match Signature products with Essential products.

For example, you can select Signature windows and doors for better views and bigger openings, then use Essential products for smaller spaces such as bathroom windows.


A beautiful aesthetic certainly adds to the appeal of our Signature range, but the products’ high-performance capabilities also explain their continuing popularity.

Superior locks offer improved security and peace of mind. Premium weather-proofing ensures year-round protection. And wider frames support larger sizes and configurations (and provide superior strength).

And all the while, you can create a stylish, “picture frame” look to present any view to great advantage. Or showcase an interior feature that’s too good for the world not to see.


As you’ve probably figured out, at Bradnam’s, we’re passionate about our Signature range of windows and doors.

But we don’t want you to take our word for it. Instead, we invite you to visit our showrooms and see for yourself why so many builders, architects, and homeowners love our premium windows and doors.

You can also view our Signature products in-situ in the Showcase section of this website.

Choosing the right windows and doors can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the process. Our selection guideline will help you find the correct windows and doors for your project.


Product availability, features, options, sizes, configurations and performance are subject to regional variations, design requirements, and building codes. Images are for illustration purposes only and may not accurately represent the product. Bradnam’s Windows & Doors reserves the right to change, alter or delete any aspect of this product without notice. We recommend visiting a Bradnam’s showroom before ordering to view colour swatches, glass samples and actual products.