Thermal Break Windows and Doors for energy efficiency



Light, energy, safety. This Toowoomba home enjoys all these benefits (and more) thanks to our windows and doors.


With sliding windows, awning windows, and sliding doors each playing their part, Toowoomba Treat maximises natural light.

And it does so without any of the common pitfalls that accompany large scale windows and doors. This gives the home a healthier, fresher environment while also helping the owners to save on lighting costs.


While most windows are only glazed with float glass, the windows in this home are all glazed with toughened glass.

This is a legal requirement for glass doors, but it also makes sense for windows – especially floor-length windows like the one next to the front door – as it offers improved safety.


Thanks to our Signature Thermal Break technology, Toowoomba Treat is naturally cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Signature Thermal Break reduces heat gain from external sources (like the sun) while simultaneously decreasing indoor heat loss.

All up, it’s a recipe for fantastic energy efficiency, making for easy compliance with Australian building codes.


Like any Queensland home, bushfire defence was top of mind for the designers and builders.

So it was only natural that they choose windows and doors featuring our FlameShield™ system.

This system is compliant with building guidelines for all bushfire-prone areas, offering a higher level of defence against one of Queensland’s most significant dangers.


At the room level, each window and door was carefully selected to suit the space’s particular needs.

The bathroom features frosted glass for privacy, while the living area extends seamlessly onto the deck thanks to large sliding doors.

This beautiful custom home was built by Janke Constructions.

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