High-class residence in Victoria



Blending modern excellence with timeless sophistication, opulence manifests on 31 Strathlachlan Drive. This high-class residence executes the innovative creative vision from the best of Furtulla Constructions, striking the perfect balance between stunning contemporary design and functional flawlessness.


At the heart of this North-facing haven’s design was a desire for abundant natural light, and to take advantage of the Highton’s stunning landscape. With the help of Bradnam’s state-of-the-art window, it’s evident that these expectations were exceeded.

Fixed and Awning windows are scattered selectively throughout the home, providing floor-to-ceiling avenues for sunlight to flood and illuminate the home’s stunning features at every turn.

Transcending practical use to become a key design element, Bradnam’s windows highlight every gorgeous corner of Highton as though in a picture frame. In no space
is this more apparent than in the expansive upstairs living area, which casts out into magnificent scenes of rolling green hills in the distance.


Featuring alfresco dining and open-plan living, it’s apparent that this home was destined to become a lavish entertainment hub. Furtulla’s creative vision was executed to perfection, with a relaxed yet luxurious lifestyle becoming the focal point of the external door selections.

Featuring Bradnam’s Stacking Glass Sliding Doors, the lines of indoor and outdoor living are seamlessly blended to join the living area and kitchen areas to the open-air terrace.

The sleek aluminium framing that hallmarks Bradnam’s doors add an extra element of visual contrast, complementing the terrace’s raw timber tones throughout the home’s features effortlessly. These doors can be stacked to just one panel in one easy swipe, to reveal expansive views of the outdoor space.


Beyond undeniable style, this residence was undoubtedly intended for comfort, with functionality at the forefront of Furtulla’s design choices.

The designer called for stylish practicality, and Bradnam’s delivered. Our carefully curated windows and doors provide weather protection and a safe and secure design. Offering natural ventilation all year round, this Highton home is just as comfortable as it is elegant.

This sun-bathed designer home was built by Furtulla Constructions.

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