Angular Elegance – Feature Bradnam’s Awning, Louvre & Fixed Windows and Sliding, Commercial, Bi-fold & Cavity Sliding Doors

Angular Elegance proves that straight lines can create stunning results.

Modern, spacious, and well-lit, the home’s elegant yet warm and inviting feel is complemented by select Bradnam’s windows and doors.

Seamless Entertaining

When the weather’s too hot or too cold and outdoor entertaining simply won’t cut it, an indoor patio and barbeque area is the perfect solution. With the help of Bradnam’s cavity sliding doors, Angular Elegance does indoor entertaining the right way. The doors slide fully back into the walls to create a seamless entertaining space incorporating the indoor dining and patio areas, with tracks that sit flush with the floor so there are zero tripping hazards (e.g. images 1 & 2).

A Breath of Fresh Air

Ventilation and natural air flow are important in every room around your home. However, some rooms deserve extra attention. Angular Elegance uses Bradnam’s louvre windows to take care of healthy air flow in two such rooms – the bathroom and the indoor patio and barbeque area (e.g. images 3 & 4). Other Bradnam’s products take care of this task across the rest of the home. In the master bedroom, Bradnam’s sliding doors and awning windows offer choice and control over natural air flow (e.g. image 5), while bi-fold doors can be used to open the entire downstairs entertaining space up (e.g images 6 & 7).

Inviting Impressions

First impressions count for every home, and Angular Elegance is no exception. The open and inviting feel that Angular Elegance maintains throughout is set up from the start with Bradnam’s large commercial entry door, which is framed to one side by Bradnam’s awning and fixed windows (e.g. image 8). The door’s wide size and unimposing glass visually invite visitors into the home, while the square form handle is an example of the elegant kind of touch that helps to make Angular Elegance so appealing.

This gorgeous home was built by Walker Homes.

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