Door Types


Our aluminium doors come in a range of styles and configurations to suit any style of home.

Two-panel Aluminium Sliding Door

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors consist of one or more fixed sashes and one or more moving sashes (a ‘sash is the glass and framework that holds the glass in place).

They’re opened and closed by sliding the moving panels horizontally along a track, either left or right.

Sliding doors are one of the most common types of glass doors and form the main entrance to most backyards across Australia. They’re a great source of natural light and ventilation and provide views of the outdoors.

Sometimes referred to as ‘stacker doors’ or ‘stacking doors’, they are available in three types: standard, corner, and cavity.

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Black Bi fold Door opening out to a balcony

Bi fold Doors

Bi fold doors consist of two or more moving panels that are hinged together and hinged at the sides, either on the left, or on the right, or both.

This allows the sashes to open to one side or both sides by folding in sections.

If you want to seamlessly link the inside of your home to your deck, patio, or backyard, bi fold doors are exactly what you’ve been looking for. They provide bigger openings than most types of doors, minimising physical barriers between the inside and outside.

They are sometimes referred to as ‘concertina doors’ or ‘folding doors’ and come in two types: standard and corner.

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Double Hinged Door with colonial bars

Hinged Doors

Hinged Doors are made up of one panel hinged at one side, or two panels fixed on opposite sides that come together to meet in the middle.

Often used as front doors, hinged doors can be either pushed or pulled open, depending on your requirements. Occasionally, they are paired with self-closing mechanisms to ensure they always shut after use.

Hinged doors with two panels are sometimes referred to as ‘French doors’.

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Large Pivot Entry Door

Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors similar to hinged doors can be made up of one panel fixed at one side, or two panels fixed on opposite sides that meet in the middle.

They are different from hinged doors in that their panels are not hinged on the sides; instead, they rotate on a pivot point at the top and bottom.

These fixing points enable pivot doors to swing inwards and outwards, unlike hinged doors which can only open in one direction.

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Large black cavity sliding door

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