Hinged Frameless Shower Screen

Selecting Shower Screens

Shower screens not only keep water inside the shower recess; it’s also a stand-alone design feature of the bathroom. Merely updating your shower screen can give your bathroom a facelift without going to the expense of a complete renovation.

This selection guideline offers you all the ins and outs to selecting a shower screen that’s perfect for your new or existing bathroom. Learn more about screen types, frame types, colours and glass options here.

Shower screens are only available in Queensland.

Shower Screen Budget

Of course, the shower screens you purchase ultimately must fit within your budget.


It’s important to prioritise which of your requirements are most important to you.

Are you mainly concerned with privacy? Then you need to invest in satinlite glass for your shower screen, even if doing this means missing out on other requirements.

By prioritising the features you’re looking for, you can ensure you choose the best shower screens for your budget.


Where possible, it’s a good idea to visit showrooms so you can see potential shower screens in person.

You’ll get a much better idea of the look and feel of a shower screen when it’s displayed in its proper context, or imitation of its proper context.

Visiting in person also allows you to touch and feel the shower screens so you can physically experience their quality (or lack thereof).

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From our cost-effective Essential range to our premium-quality Frameless range, we have shower screens to meet every need and budget.

Our sales representatives will go above and beyond to help you accent your dream home or renovation with the perfect shower screens.

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Product availability, pricing, features, options, sizes, configurations and performance are subject to regional variations, design requirements, and building codes. Images are for illustration purposes only and may not accurately represent the product. Bradnam’s Windows & Doors reserves the right to change, alter or delete any aspect of our products without notice. We recommend visiting a Bradnam’s showroom before ordering to view colour swatches, glass samples and actual products.

Shower screens are only available in Queensland.