Distribution Network

Vertically Integrated Operation

We are a vertically integrated operation with aluminium distribution centres, glass factories, and sales offices throughout Australia.

Distribution Centres

We have made a significant investment of over 25 million dollars to ensure efficient and flexible procurement of aluminium joinery.

Our licensed fabricators’ network is supported by two state of the art Distribution Centres (DCs) located in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Both DCs are fully automated processes that are supported via our computer software system, Precision. Orders are tracked 24 hours a day. Real-time information is available for superior customer service.

Below are some facts and figures about our two state of the art Distribution Centres:

  • Qualicoat accredited – Australia’s only licensing and audit system for the entire powder coating process on architectural aluminium
  • Bulk metal capacity storage – Over 800 tonnes
  • Warehouse size – 8500m²
  • Stocks – Over 500 different extrusion profiles and 23 powder coat colours

Glass Factories

Our distribution network isn’t limited to aluminium joinery.

National Glass, our sister company, is a leading wholesale supplier and processor of glass products for building applications.

They have factories in Brisbane, Rockhampton and Townsville. Each factory stocks toughened, laminated, double glazing, energy efficient glass, ultra clear, acid etched, patterned and fittings.

Order Flexibility

Licensed fabricators have flexibility when ordering aluminium joinery and glass.

Orders can be by ‘house lots’ for minimum stock if they don’t have the storage capacity, or in bulk through containers, cases or end caps, to achieve a level of economy.

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Northern Licensee Managers

Ashley Woods
M   0408 713 920
E    ashley.woods@bradnams.com.au

Joshua Bond
M   0409 603 104
E    joshua.bond@bradnams.com.au

Deane Mills
M   0419 297 055
E    deane.mills@bradnams.com.au

Southern Licensee Managers

Justin Medwin
M   0417 198 931
E    justin.medwin@bradnams.com.au

Jason Boydell
M   0429 156 666
E    jason.boydell@bradnams.com.au