We’re constantly expanding our product range with the most competitive and manufacturing-friendly products on the market.

As a licensed fabricator, you’ll have full access to continuously improved product design and technologies. All new products are tested in our in-house NATA accredited testing facilities to ensure they meet the Australian standards.

About our products
Bradnam’s product range is divided into three platforms with each platform targeting specific market segments:

Essential Platform              ⇔            Low-end residential segment

Signature Platform             ⇔            Mid to High-end residential segment

Commercial Platform          ⇔           High-end residential and Commercial segments

As a licensed fabricator, this industry first platform strategy offers you several manufacturing efficiencies and advantages:

  • Architectural symmetry throughout the three platforms
  • Shared componentry, extrusions and assembly methods
  • Consistent product quality via smart design and assembly techniques
  • Increase product offer to market without increasing the supply chain complexity