As part of Bradnam’s commitment to the success of our licensed fabricators, we provide consultancy services and business intelligence on an array of specialisations.

Technical Services
Our Technical Services team can advise on a myriad of technical issues ranging from performance parameters of Bradnam’s products to specialised matters such as acoustic and energy efficiency.

As a licensed fabricator you will be kept appraised on new and changes to current Workplace Health & Safety, HR and Building legislations, minimising the risks to your business.

Credit Intelligence
Bradnam’s have several contacts within the credit intelligence industry not normally affordable to small businesses. Should you require information we can offer a service in this field (i.e. We run credit checks on large accounts or unknown builders).

Bradnam’s will provide expertise and guidance on showroom layout and design, advertising, direct marketing, trade shows, sponsorship and social media. Licensees also have access to market intelligence such as economic outlook, dwelling approvals and commencements, loan approvals, etc.

Management Accounting
Our expert management accounting team can ensure that Bradnam’s Licensees are formulating and implementing strategies based on sound accounting principles and information.