Choosing Screens for Windows and Doors

Spring is in full swing!

The flowers are blooming, the trees are blossoming, and it’s time to invite some fresh air into your home…

Except if you’re not careful, you’ll also be inviting bugs and other unwelcome guests.

Screens are, of course, the answer. But with so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which screening solution you should choose.

So to help you on your way, we’ve put together this post comparing the different screening options available for Bradnam’s windows and doors.

Insect Screens

Insect screens are the lowest-cost screening solution available. They let the breeze in, but keep flies, mosquitoes, and other unwanted insect visitors out. You can also get a finer micro mesh that keeps out sand flies.

At Bradnam’s, you can choose insect screens made from fibreglass mesh or tougher aluminium mesh that sits in a slimline aluminium frame. The frame is available in the same colour as our aluminium windows and doors, giving you an aesthetically symmetrical look inside and out.

Insect screens minimally impact your views, making them ideal for featuring that breathtaking aspect you love. The aluminium mesh option is also suitable for use in bushfire prone areas. However, it’s important to remember that insect screens are only for keeping insects out – they’re not designed to keep out determined human intruders.

Safety Screens

Safety screens with the traditional, diamond shaped grill are generally considered a step up from insect screens.

Bradnam’s safety screens combine the fibreglass mesh of insect screens with a powder-coated diamond grill. The screens’ aluminium frames and grill are available in matching Bradnam’s shades for seamless integration. They’re also available in black, which some people prefer because they feel it has less of an impact on the view.

Like insect screens, diamond grill screens are very affordable and they help keep out unwanted bugs. The diamond grill also helps to deter intruders (although it’s not intruder-proof). From a compliance perspective, diamond grill screens are an ideal solution for second-storey windows as they help prevent a child or adult from falling through.

Ali-View™ Screens

Ali-View™ is a Bradnam’s trademarked screening product.

The mesh used to create our Ali-View screens is manufactured from structural alloy, which is stronger than normal aluminium. This allows these screens to pass a number of Australian standard security tests.

The clean, Ali-View frames will match your Bradnam’s window and door frames, and there are no unsightly screws or rivets in view. They help to deter unwanted intruders from gaining access to your home. Ali-view screens are a great security option to consider, ensure you view a sample when you’re planning how to use them around your home.

Stainless View™ Security Screens

If safety and security are your top priorities, our Stainless View™ security screens are the screens you’re looking for.

Stainless View™ screens give you safety with a view. The superior strength and durability of their marine grade stainless steel mesh combined with appropriate locks and tracks means that they meet every Australian standard for security screens, including knife sheer, impact, anti-jemmy, pull, and probe tests.

In addition to keeping out would-be intruders, these screens are suitable for bushfire zones, they keep out insects and other vermin, they provide maximum ventilation, they offer clean frames that are screw and rivet free, and they don’t interrupt your view.

Your Choice

Whatever your goals, budget or needs may be there’s a screening option to match.

But if you’re still not sure, why not get in touch to arrange a time to view each screening option at one of our showrooms.

You can also read more about safety screens vs security screens here.

Screening at Bradnam’s

At Bradnam’s, almost all our Essential, Signature, and Commercial products come with a built-in screen track, so even if you’ve had your windows and doors for a number of years, we may be able to provide a screening solution for you. Alternatively, if you’re building or renovating now, your screens can be installed as soon as your Bradnam’s windows and doors have been installed and cleaned.