The Great All-Rounder

When it comes to deciding on the right style of window for a home, the Signature Awning Window really is the most versatile window out there. It can be used to enhance virtually any home’s design and aspect. Thanks to the sturdy 100mm aluminium framing system, this window can reach sizes that will really maximize the natural light invited in to the home. It’s also the best pick if your home is lucky enough to enjoy the views of a great landscape.

At a Glance: Superior Performance Parameters

The Signature Awning window has some fantastic, ‘best in class’ performance parameters across the industry. This window can reach sizes as tall as 2400mm or as wide as 2750mm.

Other excellent performance capabilities of the Signature Awning Window include:

  • Maximum acoustic rating: Rw 38
  • Maximum bushfire rating: BAL 40
  • Maximum glass thickness (single glazed): 12.76mm
  • Maximum glass thickness (double glazed): 24mm
  • Lowest U-value (single-glazed): 5.5
  • Lowest U-value (double-glazed): 3.7

Design Highlights

The top hinged design allows natural ventilation, in turn allowing use of the window even during light rain showers. Safe design elements ensure there are no sharp edges on these windows, and by opting for a curtain-friendly, folding handle (which comes as standard if you require a double chain winder), any awning window furnishing can be used without interference.

Using the superior strength 100mm aluminium frame allows for maxi sized windows, and these also have the potential to be used as feature windows when combined with fixed lite frames.

Thanks to the improved mitre joints, this window creates a ‘picture frame’ look and feel.

Awning windows are a great option for use in bathrooms and kitchens, as they offer great ventilation without compromising on safety and privacy.

Of course there are also many other benefits that you would expect with any Bradnam’s product such as long lasting santoprene seals, thermal and acoustic insulation options as well as the options of single and double glazing.

Best Uses

If you are wanting to save on your power bills:

Energy efficiency in the home, refers to the power used to run household electronics, as well as keeping living areas at a comfortable temperature. It is well known that in Australia, approximately 40% of all household energy consumed, is used to cool down or heat up the home. The Signature Awning Window can be used to suit any thermal requirement – whether you live in a heating climate, a cooling climate, or a mix of the two.

If you are concerned about noise pollution:

Whether you live on a busy street, air flight path or would just like some peace of mind, you cannot go past the Signature Awning Window. The full perimeter seals combined with specially formulated laminate glass can easily see this product reach an Rw of 38, which goes a long way in helping the home achieve stringent acoustic ratings.

If privacy is a concern:

As the awning window’s chain winder is located on the sill, these windows can be positioned higher up along the wall to limit anyone being able to see in, whilst still allowing in all the fresh air and natural light. Alternatively, if this type of window is used in a bathroom, using an obscure glass allows you to use this window for ventilation while still getting all the benefits of the privacy glass.

The Signature Awning Window is a perfect all-rounder. The updated design has some superior capabilities, thanks to the sturdy 100mm aluminium frame systems. Key design elements such as mitred corners, optional folding handles, twin chain winders and the ability to combine with other windows make this an incredibly versatile window to have throughout the home. Whether the concern is noise pollution, privacy or energy efficiency, the Signature Awning Window can be adapted to ensure the best performance in any situation.

Learn More:

To learn more about the Signature Awning Window, or to discuss how you can incorporate our signature range into your home or building, contact a Bradnam’s representative today on 1300 946 369.