Urban Luxe – Featuring Bradnam’s Louvre & Fixed Windows, Sliding & Bi-Fold Doors, and Frameless Shower Screens & Mirrors

“Spaciousness” is rarely associated with regular apartment living, but then Urban Luxe is no regular apartment.

An award-winning luxury apartment complex, Urban Luxe features several carefully selected Bradnam’s windows and doors.

Maximising natural light and feelings of spaciousness and luxury, these products from Bradnam’s Signature and Commercial collections are more than a simple finishing touch – they’re an intrinsic part of the apartments’ character and undeniable appeal.

Unrestricted Space

In many apartment complexes, the necessary restrictions on space are all too apparent at every turn.

Not so with Urban Luxe.

The complex’s bedrooms feature Bradnam’s large size Commercial sliding doors (e.g. image 1-3). In addition to offering maximum ventilation and easy access, these doors blur the lines between inside and out, creating a feeling of freedom and space you won’t find in many houses, let alone apartments.

Statement Style

They say that first impressions count – a message Urban Luxe has clearly taken to heart.

The complex’s unique and striking entryway features Bradnam’s large size Commercial fixed windows and Signature louvre windows (e.g. image 4). Offering maximum views and natural light (and not skimping on natural ventilation, either), these windows create an impressive first impression from the inside and out (e.g. image 5).

Easy Entertaining

Outdoor entertaining is a popular Aussie pastime, and Urban Luxe is designed to do it right.

Bradnam’s Commercial bi-fold doors blur and even erase the line between indoors and outdoors in the apartments’ living and outdoor entertainment areas (e.g. image 6-9). Creating an uninterrupted entertaining experience, they also invite the evening breeze in for natural cooling after the heat of the day.

Bathroom Bliss

Bathrooms are often the litmus test that separates thoughtfully-designed homes from the rest.

Urban Luxe’s bathrooms firmly place it in the thoughtfully-designed category.

Suitable lighting, stylish stone-look tiling and Bradnam’s frameless shower screens and mirrors work together to emphasise the bathrooms’ luxurious feel (e.g. image 10 & 11). An immediate impression of spaciousness and tranquillity is confirmed again and again with this tastefully straightforward bathroom design.
This award-winning apartment complex was built by Savi Constructions.

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