Sea Breeze – Featuring Bradnam’s Sliding, Awning, Louvre, Fixed & Bi-fold Windows, Bi-fold Doors, and Frameless Shower Screens & Mirrors

Waterfront living doesn’t get much more comfortable than Sea Breeze – a stylish and spacious home that makes the most of its location.

The home incorporates Bradnam’s products to leverage its picturesque views, outdoor entertaining spaces and waterfront location.

The result: a beautiful home anyone would be proud to call their own.

Rooms with a View

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it” has always been a saying that applies to picturesque views, and it’s one this home’s designers took to heart.

Bradnam’s sliding windows are features in the private living area, adding a picture frame effect to showcase the beautiful waterside view (e.g. image 1). while in the main living and entertainment area, bi-fold doors make sure every millimetre of the waterside view can be enjoyed year-round (e.g. image 2). When opened in their space-saving, folding configuration, they also effectively blur the lines between inside and out, creating a sense of “experiencing” the view, not just seeing it.

Entertainer’s Delight

Australia’s climate is ideal for indoor-outdoor entertaining much of the year round – and this home has been built to take full advantage of this opportunity.

When open, Bradnam’s bi-fold doors meld the indoor-outdoor living area into one continuous space, creating a seamless entertaining experience (e.g. image 3). Similarly, bi-fold windows neatly stack to open up the servery area and connect the indoor and outdoor kitchen areas together (e.g. image 4). Wooden louvre windows in the outdoor kitchen area finish off the look and further blur the lines between indoor and outdoor as they blend with the outdoor timber features yet add an unmistakeable sense of the indoors (e.g. image 5).

Safety First

Window choices for upstairs rooms should always balance safety with light, air and views, and Sea Breeze nails this balance perfectly.

Large awning windows in the upstairs bedrooms offer a safe way to enjoy the view and invite natural ventilation when desired (e.g. images 6 & 7). The upstairs bathroom also uses large awning windows to achieve the same effect – with the addition of matelux glass for enhanced privacy (e.g. images 8). A fixed window is also installed above the mirror for added natural light.

A Touch of Luxury

Bathrooms should be a place for relaxation and renewal, so a touch of luxury never goes astray.

Sea Breeze uses Bradnam’s frameless shower screens and mirrors to great effect as the finishing touch on an inviting and luxurious, yet practical, space (e.g. image 9). The expansive mirror helps to make the most of the bathroom’s natural and man-made light, while the shower screen offers an enviable, un-claustrophobic showering experience.

This stunning home was built by McLachlan Homes.

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