Room for Entertaining – Featuring Bradnam’s Sliding, Louvre, Fixed & Double-Hung Windows, Sliding & Corner Sliding Doors, and Frameless Shower Screens & Mirrors.

Truly a home “with the lot”, this beautiful property uses Bradnam’s products to complement its liveable luxury design.

Light & Airy

Louvre windows are a versatile choice that’s particularly suited to any space where you want to invite natural light and fresh air into your home.

The home uses Bradnam’s louvre windows to great effect in the bedrooms, bringing a fresh and pleasantly breezy feel to each (e.g. images 1-3). Louvre windows with a matelux finish for privacy have been incorporated in one of the bathrooms – a place where ventilation is always appreciated (e.g. image 4)! And as a testament to their visibility, louvre windows are also featured between the central “courtyard” and living area, offering a visual and literal connection between these two areas of the home (e.g. image 5).

Corners Made Easy

The ultimate in sliding door technology, corner sliding doors let you blur the most angular lines between inside and out.

This home uses Bradnam’s corner sliding doors to both separate and connect its generous indoor/outdoor dining space (e.g. image 6). This allows the home’s design to continue to play with the angular nature that characterises its look and feel. In addition to being incredible practical, the corner sliding doors are also safety-conscious: sitting flush with the floor and deck, the door track does not create a tripping hazard.

Bathroom Bliss

The frameless look adds a touch of class and luxury that never goes astray, especially in the bathroom.

Bradnam’s frameless shower screens and frameless mirrors are featured in all of the home’s bathrooms, including the gorgeous ensuite (e.g. image 7). As you can see, these two products match the home’s modern look and feel, yet are classic enough that they’re sure to remain timeless.

Old Favourites

In every home, there are spaces where old favourites are the most appropriate window or door of choice – and even this modern home is no exception to the rule.

A favourite staple, sliding windows are used in the kitchen (e.g. image 8) and one of the bathrooms (e.g. image 9), providing a familiar balance between light and air. Double hung windows frame the barbeque (e.g. image 10), while a fixed window acts as a practical, stylish, natural light-emitting backsplash in the kitchen (e.g. image 11). And where corners aren’t a challenge, our sliding doors have been incorporated for maximum light and a seamless look and feel.

This gorgeous home was built by McLachlan Homes.

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