New York Style – Featuring Sliding Doors & Fixed, Sliding, & Awning Windows

This seriously sophisticated New York-inspired home is simultaneously spacious and snug.

Despite its expansive open-plan living area and large bedrooms, the entire home is well lit with natural light year-round, thanks to Bradnam’s windows and doors.

Healthy Habitation

Natural light and air flow are non-negotiable in a healthy home. Bradnam’s sliding doors and fixed awning windows make sure they’re taken care of.

On the lower level, fixed and awning windows are stylishly stitched together to maximise natural light and invite as little or as much fresh air into the home as required (e.g. see image 10). They also contribute to the property’s open look and feel, creating a wall of glass that gives the feeling of a home extending beyond its boundaries. Upstairs, the windows maximise the light and view (e.g. see image 4).

Downstairs, three sets of sliding doors work together to invite light and air into the home from almost every possible angle (e.g. see image 9).

Year-Round Entertaining

The home’s open-plan ground level living area is well lit and perfectly designed into for year-round entertaining – thanks, in particular to Bradnam’s sliding doors.

Installed in a stacking configuration for a maximum opening width, the sliding doors meld the home’s indoor and outdoor entertaining areas together (e.g. see image 2). Ringing the deck on three sides, they seamlessly connect every part of the lower into a holistic whole.

Traditional Style

Traditional sliding windows welcome natural light into the home’s gorgeous bedrooms (e.g. see image 8). They also allow for easy ventilation management, with varying opening widths providing complete climate control to ensure the rooms remain comfortable, whatever the weather. At the end of the day, these aluminium-framed sliding windows prove that you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel to get the right results.

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