Nature Lover – Featuring Bi-fold Doors & Fixed, Sliding, Louvre, Awning, & Double Hung Windows

Located in suburban bushland, this striking home is defined by sharp architectural lines across the exterior, and a deceptively simple, spacious interior.

Built firmly into the land to take advantage of the sloping block, the property’s outer geometric style and inner open feel have both been made possible by the careful placement of select Bradnam’s windows and doors.

Light & Height

Helping to create the home’s bright and open atmosphere, Bradnam’s fixed windows prove that geometric shapes can be more than a simple design feature. Used to full effect throughout this home, the fixed windows usher in maximum natural light, while also creating a stunning architectural feel – thanks, in part, to their availability in towering sizes. The windows have been stylishly incorporated in both horizontal and vertical configurations (e.g. see images 2 and 3), and are complimented by Bradnam’s double hung windows (see image 1).

However, the key product inviting light into the home is Bradnam’s bi-fold doors.

Stretching along two of the exterior walls in the downstairs living area, the doors effectively create a pair of glass walls that usher in every last ray of sunshine (see image 7). They also help the home meld into its bushland surroundings, creating an unimpeded view of the property and creating the perfect indoor-outdoor entertainment space (see image 4).

Breaths of Fresh Air

Air flow and ventilation are the cornerstone of any healthy home. Thanks to Bradnam’s louvre windows and custom made aluminium bi-fold doors, a breath of fresh air is never difficult to come by in this home.

Louvre windows have been carefully placed throughout the home, inviting airflow into otherwise difficult to access spaces (e.g. see image 4).

When open, optimal air flow is also facilitated further by the large bi-fold doors. Eliminating the need for air conditioning, the two products work well in tandem on a floor where the ceiling soar to heights of 3.6 metres.

Bathroom Elegance

The spacious feel of the main bathroom is complimented by Bradnam’s functional but beautiful awning and double hung windows (e.g. see image 5).

The awning windows invite an appropriate level of light and air into the room, while the double hung window features obscure glass that carefully treads the balance between light and privacy.

Multi-Functional Features

Thanks to their availability in larger sizes and configurations, Bradnam’s sliding windows are multi-functional – a fact that’s perfectly illustrated by the way they’ve been incorporated into this home.

Featured over the kitchen bench, the sliding windows invite light and air into the home, while also doubling as a servery for that ubiquitous aspect of the Aussie lifestyle: indoor-outdoor entertaining (see image 4).

This striking architectural home was built by Kaha Homes.

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