Modern Sustainability – Featuring Bradnam’s Hinged & Sliding Doors, and Sliding, Louvre, & Double Hung Windows

Blending contemporary design with sustainability, this modern family home utilises design features including several Bradnam’s windows and doors to maximise ventilation for natural cooling.

Abundant Airflow

Airflow is a vital feature in any healthy home. It’s also a great way to help moderate internal temperatures. Upstairs, this modern build is kept fresh and cool thanks to the ventilation provided by Bradnam’s louvre windows.

Made with clear glass set in silver aluminium frames, the louvre windows welcome fresh air into the upper rooms of the home, while ensuring the view is unimpeded. They’re also a perfect thematic fit for the property’s linear exterior design (e.g. see image 6).

Multi-Purpose Solutions

Providing ventilation in one context, and the perfect finish to the servery in another, the home utilises the multi-purpose nature of Bradnam’s sliding windows.

Upstairs, the sliding windows nestle comfortably nearby the louvre windows, each complimenting the other to provide airflow and light to the upper rooms (e.g. see image 5). Downstairs, a larger sliding window sits between the kitchen and outdoor living space to create a convenient servery that allows for an uninterrupted outdoor entertaining experience (e.g. see image 2).

Light & Air

Ventilation on the ground floor is controlled by double hung windows in both single and multi-panel configurations (e.g. see image 7). These tall windows also invite plenty of natural light into the home, adding a welcoming, healthy feel to every room, and ensuring nowhere is left shrouded in darkness.

Visitors to this modern home are ushered in through a clear glass hinged door, which is teamed up with double-hung windows on either side to provide an option for ventilation even when the hinged door is closed (e.g. see image 1).

Open Spaces

Melding into the natural contour of the land, the home’s design rolls outdoors and indoors into one. This is facilitated in particular by Bradnam’s sliding doors.

Using a stacking configuration to maximise the opening width, the sliding doors are a necessary final touch for creating the holistic indoor-outdoor entertainment space that adds the finishing touches to this lifestyle home (e.g. see image 3).

This custom-made, modern, sustainable home was built by Kaha Homes.

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