Grounded Style – Featuring Bradnam’s Awning, Louvre, Fixed & Double-Hung Windows, and Sliding, Cavity Sliding & Hinged Doors

Grounded Style is a custom-built home situated in greater Melbourne.

Sophisticated yet simple, Grounded Style has been designed to offer maximum comfort throughout all four Melbourne seasons (even when they occur together on the same day).

This beautiful, single-floor home features carefully-selected Bradnam’s Signature windows and doors – a key factor in ensuring it can deliver on its all-season promise.

Natural Light

Expanses of natural light flood Grounded Style’s living area thanks to Bradnam’s large louvre and fixed windows and cavity sliding doors. Not only does this help to give the home a healthier look and feel, it lowers energy costs associated with lighting. And because the doors are double-glazed, the home enjoys further energy efficiency savings because it requires less heating and cooling throughout the year.

Blurred Boundaries

Bradnam’s large cavity sliding doors help to make this already-spacious home feel even more expansive. When fully opened, they create a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor entertaining areas – perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a barbeque on Melbourne’s long, warm summer nights. All the panels glide out of sight, easily stacking inside the wall to create an elegant finish whenever the doors are fully opened.

Sensible Simplicity

In any home, some rooms suit a sensible and simple approach to windows and doors. The master bedroom and other bedrooms in Grounded Style are no exception. Awning windows welcome natural light and air into the rooms, offering easily-adjusted control over ventilation. With their neat picture frame finish, Bradnam’s awning windows help finish the rooms with understated elegance.

Finishing Touches

Bradnam’s windows and doors also offer the ideal finishing touches in several rooms throughout the home. Double-hung windows welcome light into the family room while also offering full control over natural ventilation. A hinged door from the laundry offers maximum opening space in a tighter spot. And, with their architectural design and handle, the large cavity sliding doors prove that no matter the context, it’s the little details that count.

This elegant, single-level custom home was built by Comdain Homes.

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