Custom Made – Featuring Frameless & Sliding Doors, Louvre & Fixed Windows

“Openness” is the defining characteristic of this gorgeous and funky custom made Queensland home. And that’s thanks in large part to Bradnam’s aluminium windows and doors.

Bright and breezy, the home’s open plan design would simply not be possible without the multitude of glass doors and windows it features throughout, including a frameless entry door, sliding doors, fixed windows and louvre windows.

Abundant Light

Natural light streams in to illuminate every room in this beautiful home – thanks in large part to the fixed windows featured in almost every corner and wall throughout the house. Combined with the home’s open plan design, this creates a truly modern airy, spacious ambience.

The front entry features commercial style fixed windows, with large panels not often seen in residential designs – all adding to the abundance of natural light that’s allowed to enter the home (e.g. see image 3). While most staircases are purely functional, the fixed windows showcase this home’s staircase as a well-lit architectural feature.

Breezy Elegance

Air and light are two key features in any healthy home. In this design, louvre windows were chosen to take care of the airflow and ventilation half of the equation. With matching silver aluminium frames that tie seamlessly into the design, the louvre windows also feature clear glass for an uninterrupted view (e.g. see image 5), and do much to complete the beautiful “openness” of this custom home.

Open Entertaining

Indoors and outdoors meld together thanks to large-panel sliding doors that connect the back deck with the internal dining area. Blurring the lines between seeing and experiencing the view, the sliding doors allow for a holistic entertaining experiencing and slot neatly into the home’s modern, open feel.

Wall of Glass

When you pull into the driveway, the entrance simply dazzles with floor to ceiling glass – a look you couldn’t accomplish without the frameless entry door. The final detail in a stunning design, the frameless entry door feels right at home amongst a wall of glass.

This custom-made, modern open-plan home was built by Paradise Homes.

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