Castaway – Featuring Bradnam’s Awning & Fixed Windows, and Hinged & Sliding Doors

As seen on Channel 7’s Australia’s Best Homes, the nautically-themed “Castaway” blends comfort and class to stunning effect.

Architectural Delight

Of all this home’s striking features, perhaps the most noticeable is the curved hallway that connects the two upstairs wings. An architectural delight, the hall is generously lit with natural light thanks to Bradnam’s curved fixed windows (e.g. image 1), giving it a bright and open feel that’s topped off with generous views in both directions.

Easy Entertaining

The secret to indoor-outdoor entertaining is to create as seamless an experience as possible, removing all the barriers that would normally distinguish inside from out. “Castaway” does just that by leveraging all the advantages of Bradnam’s sliding doors (e.g. image 2). The sliding doors’ stacking configuration maximises the open space to create a holistic alfresco entertaining area.

Perfect Practicality

For maximum natural light and functionality, this home uses Bradnam’s hinged doors to full effect (e.g. image 3). Their large surface area and clear glass help to promote the home’s open feel, especially when they’re complemented by surrounding configurations of our large-size fixed windows, and awning windows (e.g. image 4-7).


Several of the home’s fixed windows and awning windows, along with the sliding doors, feature Solar Block™ (e.g. images 8 & 9). Solar Block™ reduces the heat and glare entering the home, keeping it cool and comfortable all year round. With as much as a 78% reduction in glare and a reduction in heat gain of up to 36%, it provides much-needed protection year-round from the excesses of the Australian sun, without obstructing the view.

This beautiful Balinese-inspired home was built by Joncol Building Services.

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