Bright & Breezy – Featuring Bradnam’s Sliding & Cavity Sliding Doors, Louvre & Fixed Windows

This beautiful, open-plan designer home at Pelican Waters on the Sunshine Coast has been designed to create a cool, modern ambience day in, day out.

Bright, breezy, and open, the home is filled with natural light and has a true outside-meets-inside feel, thanks – in both cases – to Bradnam’s windows and doors.

A Breath of Fresh Air

With a beautiful breezy feel that takes full advantage of the property’s waterside location, this home has been designed to allow a breath of fresh air to penetrate every room.

The first way you’ll notice the air being welcomed in is through the large sliding doors. These appear in stacking configurations to maximise the opening width and the healthy sea breeze (e.g. see image 1).

Cavity sliding doors have been used to capitalise on other openings, nestling into the wall to completely maximise the open space (e.g. see images 2-6). When open, you can barely even tell they’re there, creating a completely open feel.

Louvre windows are the final touch in this beautifully fresh home, allowing for controlled natural ventilation in every room (e.g. see image 8).

Healthy Light

Natural light streams into this home to add the final touch to its healthy feel.

Once again, Bradnam’s sliding doors and cavity sliding doors deserve much of the credit, while the smaller spaces in the home also receive plenty of natural light thanks to the louvre and fixed windows (e.g. see image 8).

Rooms with a View

Thanks to an abundance of glass doors and windows, every room in this bright and breezy home is a room with a view. The large sliding doors are surrounded by louvre and fixed windows. Together, they wrap around the central pool area to visually – and literally – bring the outside in.

Practical Design

While this modern, open-plan home is beautiful, the design features that create its beauty are also incredibly practical.

For example, the track for the cavity sliding doors is flush with the floor, ensuring safety and ease for all who pass through, while the louvre and fixed windows are cleverly paired in each bedroom to create the perfect balance between light and air.

This designer, architectural home was built by Ryan Designer Homes.

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