Balinese Resort Living – Featuring Sliding & Bi-fold Doors, Awning & Sliding Windows

Inspired by the beauty and harmony of Bali’s destinations, this home’s open, airy, resort feel has been achieved using a combination of design and architectural features – including several Bradnam’s windows and doors.

Inside Outside

The inside living area melds seamlessly into the outside alfresco thanks to Bradnam’s clear glass sliding doors with black aluminium frames (e.g. image 2). The sliding doors’ large panels ensure the view is as uninterrupted as possible, even when the doors are closed. Creating space and the perfect area for year-round indoor-outdoor entertaining, they complement the home’s open plan, resort vibe.

Glimpses of Paradise

Glimpses of paradise are made available with the help of Bradnam’s large bi-fold doors (e.g. image 4). Adding an open and airy feel to what could otherwise be an easily-forgotten corner of the home, the bi-fold doors swing effortlessly out of the way to invite an extra level of tranquillity and calm.

Holistic Living

Slotting neatly into smaller spaces around the home, Bradnam’s awning windows allow light and air to reach rooms where their presence would normally be restricted (e.g. image 6). The awning windows ensure that a breezy resort feel penetrates every inch of the home, allowing for a holistic experience in every room.

Final Touches

Adding a traditional feel to the bedrooms that in no way diminishes their sumptuous Balinese vibe, Bradnam’s black aluminium framed sliding windows are the finishing touch on this beautiful home (e.g. image 7). Calmingly familiar, they tread the balance between light and privacy – as all bedroom windows should.

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