New Casement Window Design Facilitates Bigger Sizes

With their wide-swing openings, aesthetically appealing appearance, and even health-promoting benefits, casement windows are a long-time window favourite.

Yet until recently, most casement windows were restricted in terms of size and weight. That’s because most of the bars that facilitate their wide-swing openings can only support so much strain and pressure, leaving you with smaller window sizes to choose from.

It’s a problem that’s long frustrated architects, building designers, and home owners. So it’s a challenge our design team have spent many hours seeking to overcome. And we’re very excited to announce that they’ve finally cracked it!

Introducing the “Signature LB”

The “Signature LB” casement window is a cutting edge version of everyone’s favourite classic casement window design.

“LB” stands for “lock bar” – and this feature is the secret to the windows’ success.

Our new casement window design incorporates a dual-arm, stainless steel operator, stainless steel stays, and our ever-durable lock bar.

These components work together to create the superior strength and durability necessary to be able to handle greater weights than a traditional casement window, meaning the windows can achieve greater sizes.

The end result? You’re no longer restricted to smaller sizes when selecting casement windows for your home or commercial building design.

At a Glance: Superior Performance Parameters

Thanks to the “Signature LB” lock bar, you can get casement windows that meet the following superior performance parameters:

  • Maximum window frame height: 2400 mm
  • Maximum window frame width: 3440 mm (multiple panels)
  • Maximum panel weight: 42 kg
  • Maximum wind rating: 6000 Pa ULS
  • Maximum single glazed glass thickness: 12.76 mm
  • Maximum IGU glass thickness: 24 mm
  • Maximum acoustic rating: Rw 38

Size Matters

Larger size casement windows bring a range of potential benefits with them.

Larger windows allow for more expansive, uninterrupted views. They also have great potential as a feature window, and they maximise your natural ventilation and lighting. In fact, the Australian government actually recommends casement windows for maximising your home’s air flow.

Maximised ventilation and air flow maximises your home’s health – and with bigger casement windows, this benefit is maximised too!

What’s the Same?

We may have added several improvements with the “Signature LB”, but the old adage “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” still holds true.

As such, the “Signature LB” still has plenty in common with other Bradnam’s casement windows.

Like our other casement windows, you can expect 83 degree openings (with optional opening restrictions for safety), slimline frames for a “picture frame” look, optional security or insect screens, and all the other usual benefits of casement windows. This includes architectural symmetry with other Bradnam’s products, including other Bradnam’s casement windows.

Learn More

To learn more about this exciting development in the casement window world, or to discuss how you can incorporate our “Signature LB” windows into your home or building, contact a Bradnam’s representative today on 1300 946 369.