MCG Windows and Doors employees

MCG Windows and Doors interview

Meet the directors of MCG Windows and Doors

How did MCG Windows and Doors P/L orginate?

We were both junior sales reps at Boral Windows and thought we’d have a go at doing it ourselves. I think a few beers involved in making the big decision.

What does MCG stand for?

3 initials of the original directors: Michael, Colin & Grant

Who’s who in the organisation

Michael is the Operations and Production Manager and Grant is the Sales, Marketing and Admin Manager.

What have you enjoyed most about being part of The Bradnam Group?

Grant: Being a part of a national company who has a great product range.

Michael: Meeting other licensees! The Adelaide conference was also a special event and one of the most memorable conferences.

Can you share any memorable highlights of your 20 years in business?

Michael: The purchase of our current factory and offices at Merrindale Drive. We also produces $1 million of products out the door during our first month, which was a huge achievement.

Grant: Our 20 year anniversary was a highlight, as was moving to our new office and warehouse. Another highlight is employing people from all walks of life, which really gives you a sense of fulfilment and being able to give back to community groups, schools, sporting clubs etc.

If you weren’t in windows annd doors what do you think you would be doing right now?

Grant: Something to do with helping children, especially those who are disadvantaged.

Michael: Very good question! I don’t know, I ask myself this on a regular basis. Probably building or property development.