How Bradnam's is Helping Orphaned Children in Samoa

A Home for Orphaned Children – How Bradnam’s is Helping Babies in Samoa

At Bradnam’s Windows and Doors, we’ve been involved in a very special project – one that’s close to our hearts. We’re helping the Samoan community by building a “Baby House” that will accommodate young orphaned children.

Introducing SVSG

This development project is run by the Samoan Victim Support Group (SVSG). SVSG is well-respected in Samoa, and enjoys support from political, law enforcement, embassy, and church groups.

SVSG currently houses, schools, and supports over 50 girls and a few young boys who have been orphaned, or have been removed from the care of their parents after suffering some form of abuse. However, caring for these young children isn’t something SVSG can do without outside support. Which is why we’re helping them to improve their facilities in order to assist them in fulfilling the vital work they do for the Samoan community.

How We’re Helping

On Wednesday 20 May 2015, we sent a container from our south-east Queensland Head Office to Samoa. The container was loaded with Bradnam’s products destined for the Baby House, including wardrobe doors, mirrors, sliding doors, louvres, and security screens. We also sent some items of furniture.

Once these materials had arrived in Samoa, we sent a number of Bradnam’s employees over to project manage and oversee the installation of our products. This also gave us the opportunity to teach modern installation techniques to the locals involved in the construction of the Baby House.

A Great Cause

We believe that the SVSG Baby House in Samoa supports a great cause – one we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to help with.