Aluminium vs Timber Hinged Doors - A Comparison

When it comes to choosing hinged doors for your entry, the two main choices available to Australian home owners are aluminium and timber doors.

The door you end up with will really be down to personal preference, so if you’re choosing between aluminium and timber hinged doors (or you’re advising someone who is), here are the features, pros, and cons you’ll want to consider.

The Pros: Timber Doors

If you love timber, you’ll know that a “pro” for hinged timber doors is their aesthetic and sensory appeal. Timber doors have a warm look and feel, and the sheer variety of timber and glass options and combinations means you can really personalise your door to suit your preferences.

When well maintained, timber doors can last a long time. So if longevity’s important to you and you’re willing to put in some time for TLC, timber may be your preferred option.

Timber doors can also be naturally energy efficient, as the right timbers are excellent at preventing heat transfer in or out of a home.

The Pros: Aluminium Doors

Hinged aluminium doors are low maintenance. They don’t rot, crack, or warp like timber doors. So if that’s an important factor for you, there may be a winner.

Aesthetically speaking, hinged aluminium doors are available in a range of powder coat colours, which means they can be made to match your window, roof and/or wall colours. Along with a wide selection of glass options, you can also have side-lites, hi-lites, and transoms added to create a personalised feature entry door.

When made with the right glass and design options (such as low-e glass, IGUs and thermal breaks), aluminium doors are also a great energy efficient option, as they help to keep the heat out and in.

The Cons: Timber Doors

Now you know the pros, you’ll no doubt be wondering what the disadvantages of choosing timber doors are.

Timber is much more high maintenance than aluminium. It requires care and upkeep to keep it in good condition. Timber doors are also prone to warping in high humidity conditions, an important consideration if you live in a tropical area.

Furthermore, once a timber door is damaged, it’s difficult to repair. Staining and weather exposure can quickly dampen a timber door’s aesthetic appeal, and both are difficult to reverse once the damage is done.

The Con: Aluminium Doors

The main problem with aluminium hinged doors is that, despite the fact you can add side-lites, hi-lites and transoms there are fewer design options available than timber hinged doors.

Which Will You Choose?

As you can see, if a particular pro or con for either door type really speaks to you, that’s probably the best way to make your choice.

And if you do choose aluminium? Well, we have a great range of hinged aluminium entry doors that you can check out here.