7 Reasons To Love Louvre Windows...

A traditional style experiencing a modern resurgence, louvre windows have become an increasingly popular choice for Australian home owners.

Suitable for contemporary and classic homes, modern louvre windows such as our “Signature” louvres are more weather proof, easier to operate, and manufactured from better materials than their predecessors.

And that’s not the only reason they’re such a hot item in new and renovated homes…

Which is why, in this article, we explore 7 other reasons you’ll just love louvre windows.

Energy Efficiency

It may come as a surprise to learn that you can use louvre windows to reduce your home’s energy use.

Louvre windows are a great alternative to exhaust fans in your bathroom, as they allow steamy air to escape and help to avoid moisture build up. They can also be used in other rooms to provide ventilation and cooling, minimising the need for fans and air conditioning.

With Bradnam’s, you can also choose to have your louvre windows manufactured with toned or low-E glass. These energy efficient types of glass help to minimise heat entry and escape in your home, reducing the need for artificial cooling and heating, and therefore saving you money on your energy bill. (You can learn more about energy efficient glass options here.)

If saving energy, money, or the environment is important to you, then it’s time you considered incorporating louvre windows in your home!

Air Flow

Unlike energy efficiency, air flow is a rather obvious benefit of louvre windows. But it’s an important one nevertheless.

Thanks to the way in which they open, louvre windows provide more ventilation than most other windows offer. They also provide more consistent air flow into your home, as, unlike casement or awning windows, they’re not affected by the direction in which the wind happens to be blowing. And if you want them up high for ventilation in rooms with taller ceilings, they’re still easy to open and close, thanks to a handy map-rod, which comes with out-of-reach louvres.

With the maximum ventilation offered by louvre windows, you can keep your home healthier and cooler – both benefits that most Australian home owners would be happy to enjoy.


Enjoying the benefits of louvre windows doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on privacy.

At Bradnam’s, our louvre windows come in a variety of frosted and coloured glass options for enhanced privacy. They can also be tilted at angles that maintain your privacy, while still inviting fresh air into your home. This makes them a great option for bathrooms and other rooms where you don’t want outside eyes looking in.

Natural Light

With louvre windows, you can invite as much – or as little – light into your home as you’d like.

When made with clear glass, or left in the right opening tilts, louvre windows can flood your home with natural light. Conversely, if minimising natural light (or the heat it brings) is important, you can choose energy efficient, frosted, or coloured glass louvre windows to minimise and control the light and heat that enter your home.

So no matter what your natural light needs and preferences may be, you can find a louvre window option to suit.

Easy Cleaning

When it comes to louvre windows, it’s probably safe to say that no easier-to-clean window has ever been invented.

When you clean louvre windows, you can clean the entire window pane, inside and out, from inside your home. This is particularly useful for non-ground floor windows that are difficult to access or reach. It’s also great if you’re just feeling a little lazy.

Seeing as pretty much no one actually enjoys cleaning windows, this is one of our favourite louvre window benefits!


Gone are the days when louvre windows were an invitation to unwanted intruders.

Bradnam’s louvre windows come with optional keyed levers so that you can lock them in place for added security. For maximum peace of mind, you can also choose to install security or insect screens with your louvre windows. For lower level louvre windows in particular, we recommend security screens, as they provide superior protection against uninvited guests, but without compromising your views.

(You can learn more about the safety benefits of security screens here.)


On top of all the benefits we’ve described, there’s one other reason you’ll just love louvre windows: they look great!

Sleek, stylish, and contemporary, there’s none of the awkwardness of old-style louvre windows in today’s modern designs. At Bradnam’s, our louvre windows are available in a variety of glass options or with timber or aluminium blades. There’s also a range of frame colours to choose from, so your louvre windows can be made to suit almost any context in your home. Where would you feature them?

Louvre Love

At Bradnam’s we love louvre windows – and after reading this article, you can probably understand why.

To see examples of louvre windows featured in different contexts and homes, check out the gallery on our “Signature” louvre windows page.

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